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Graduate Student

Discover what The Ashland Promise means for you

The Ashland Promise expresses for Graduate students in the following ways:

1. We teach you how to think, not what to think. For you, as a graduate student, this means that Ashland will provide opportunities to apply theory to real-life situations, bridging the gap between knowledge and actual experience.
2. Together, we will establish a plan and a timeline to help you reach your goals. This includes the overarching flexibility necessary for navigating work, school, family and travel matters.
3. Ashland University continues to be one of the best values in higher education. The quality of education combined with the competitive cost ensures that each graduate student is able to thrive within their chosen degree path.
4. You will have personalized mentorship throughout your educational journey through our commitment to Accent on the Individual. Our faculty and staff promise to guide you toward reaching your goals. The Ashland approach is highly relational and also provides mentorship and speaking opportunities for graduate alumni.
5. We promise a welcoming, open and diverse campus community, guided by our Christian heritage and a culture of dignity and respect. 
6. You will have relevant experiential opportunities related to your chosen degree path, ensuring that you are prepared for the next step in your life and career. Because graduate students have practical problems they’re looking to solve, we provide both the theory behind these solutions along with opportunities to apply that theory in real-world situations through projects, collaborative experiences, and one-on-one mentorships.
7. You will have leadership opportunities through experiences such as: projects, professional conferences, presentations, and international trips. We are committed to helping you develop into a person who serves and leads with integrity.
8. We will assist you in future development opportunities such as advancing your education, your current career or finding a new job. Part of this lifelong commitment to you includes access to career and life calling services for life.

Whether you have just completed your bachelor’s degree or you are returning to school after being in the workforce for a while, most graduate students want to further their education in order to excel in their chosen career. This is driven by a strong desire to succeed and continuing your eduction is the best way to make that happen. However, once the beautiful complexities of life take hold, furthering your education can become a challenge. No matter how you are coming to Ashland University, we have a clear plan forward for you — a plan that takes into account all of your experience and the demands of your life.

The Ashland Promise positions you to take that next step with confidence. We’ll work with you from day one to develop a personalized plan for your education and make sure it’s affordable. From there, we will connect you with life-changing mentors, and immerse you in a diverse campus community filled with transformative experiences that’s meant to teach you how to think, not what to think. We will also make sure your education experience gives flexibility around work and your family life. Whether you want to take classes fully online, on-campus or a hybrid solution, we will work within your given life circumstances to craft a plan specific to you. Your next step here at Ashland University will help stretch, grow and guide you to whatever your amazing future looks like after your time at Ashland.

Being an Ashland Eagle means a commitment well beyond graduation. We are deeply invested in your success beyond your time here and will assist you in achieving whatever outcome you are seeking after graduation, whether that means a new job, advancing in your current career or admittance into a graduate program. From your university application to job acceptance and beyond, you’re an Eagle for life, and that’s a bond that cannot be broken.

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