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Military-Connected Student

Discover what The Ashland Promise means for you

The Ashland Promise expresses for Military-Connected students in the following ways:

1. We teach you how to think, not what to think. For military-connected students this is significant. Ashland University promises to walk step by step with students as they make the move from military to civilian life.
2. Affordability is at the top of the list for military-connected students. Through the GI Bill and Yellow Ribbon programs, military students can attend Ashland University at little to no out of pocket expense. However, sometimes there are gaps in funding. Ashland University promises to help navigate the financial details for these students, maximize these funds across the window within which these students are eligible, and cover the difference.
3. You will have dedicated concierge service that speaks to your needs as a military-connected student. We will evaluate experiences and help these students optimize potential credit hours in service to reach their goals for future education and employment.
4. Throughout your educational journey you will have personalized mentorship through our commitment to Accent on the Individual. Our faculty and staff promise to guide you toward reaching your goals and help you become the person you were meant to be, further developing your leadership and service abilities to set you up for a bright, meaningful future.
5. We promise a welcoming, open and diverse campus community, guided by our Christian heritage and a culture of dignity and respect. In addition, we have a state-of-the-art, 6,000 sq. ft. facility called The Jack dedicated exclusively to military-connected students so they thrive during their time here on campus.
6. You will be given the opportunity to have at least one relevant internship or applied learning experience during your educational experience at Ashland University and we are committed to helping you discover new connections as you transition to “what’s next.”
7. For military-connected students, their lives have been those of service and sacrifice, and Ashland University is committed to helping these students continue forging and refining their leadership abilities in practical, real-world applications. It’s all about taking your unique experiences and focusing those in ways that will be useful to others and make the world a better place.
8. Ashland University guarantees you will have a job or acceptance into graduate school within one year of graduation. If you are not employed or admitted to graduate school within one year of graduating, or if you ever need additional assistance on your career or educational journey, Ashland University will provide access to career and life calling services for life. Moreover, upon graduation, military-connected students are encouraged to mentor other military-connected students through programs designed to keep them connected to this community and as a lifelong Eagle.

Each and every military-connected student comes to Ashland University with specific, unique needs. Veterans bring a life experience that has been forged by serving, sometimes half a world away, while family members of a person serving in the military have been afforded a different lens on the world through their experience and sacrifice. Regardless of who you are walking in the gates of Ashland University, you need an experience that includes an Accent on the Individual, camaraderie with fellow military-connected students and a clear plan for your life beyond your military experience.

The Ashland Promise positions you to take that next step with confidence. We’ll work with you from day one to develop a personalized plan for your education and make sure it’s affordable by strategically creating a plan that leverages your GI bill to its maximum potential, filling in the gaps with our Yellow Ribbon program. We will connect you with life-changing mentors and immerse you in a diverse campus community filled with transformative experiences that’s meant to teach you how to think, not what to think. Finally, you can connect with fellow military-connected students at The Jack — a state-of-the-art facility dedicated exclusively to military-connected students so they thrive during their time here on campus. Your next step here at Ashland University will help stretch, grow and guide you to whatever your amazing future looks like after your time at Ashland.

Being an Ashland Eagle means a commitment well beyond graduation. We are deeply invested in your success beyond your time here and will make sure you have a job or acceptance to graduate school within one year of graduation. From your university application to job acceptance and beyond, you’re an Eagle for life, and that’s a bond that cannot be broken.

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