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Online Student

Discover what The Ashland Promise means for you

The Ashland Promise expresses for Online students in the following ways:

1. We teach you how to think, not what to think.

2. We will work with you to create a fully personalized and customized educational success plan that takes into consideration convenience and flexibility for improved job opportunities after graduation. This is our daily commitment to Accent on the Individual. This detailed plan will outline the academic requirements to graduate in your chosen field of study. 

3. Ashland University is regularly ranked nationally among the best private online universities in the Midwest—as well as one of the most competitive & affordable in cost per credit hour, a distinction that will continue into the future.

4. You will have personalized mentorship throughout your online educational journey through our commitment to Accent on the Individual. Our faculty and staff promise to guide you toward reaching your goals and help you become the person you were meant to be.

5. We promise a welcoming, open and diverse online campus community, guided by our Christian heritage and a culture of dignity and respect. 

6. You will be given the opportunity to have real-world experiences that can help you be sure you are on the right path to finding your life calling. We are committed assisting you in finding applied learning opportunities that work for you while completing your degree online. 

7. You will have the opportunity to learn to lead with integrity through collaborative projects and real-life experiences that apply the theoretical to the practical. 

8. We will assist you in future development opportunities such as advancing your education, your current career or finding a new job. Part of this lifelong commitment to you includes access to career and life calling services for life.

Online students typically enroll at Ashland University for a specific reason related to taking the next step in their career. However, if an online experience is required because of reasons related to access, convenience and flexibility. If you are seeking to further your education at the certification, associate, undergraduate or graduate level, The Ashland Promise provides a clear path forward to achieve all your education goals.

We will work with you from day one to develop a personalized plan for your education and make sure your time at Ashland University is affordable. We also promise to connect you with life-changing mentors, and immerse you in a diverse online campus community filled with transformative experiences that’s meant to teach you how to think, not what to think. Your next step here at Ashland University will help stretch, grow, and guide you to whatever your amazing future looks like after your time at Ashland.

Being an Ashland Eagle means a commitment well beyond graduation. We are deeply invested in your success beyond your time here and will assist you in achieving whatever outcome you are seeking after graduation, whether that means a new job, advancing in your current career or admittance into a graduate program. From your university application to job acceptance and beyond, you’re an Eagle for life, and that’s a bond that cannot be broken.

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